Hanging Out

Waiting for the parade to begin. Lunar New Year Parade, Argyle St. February 9. 2019

The Man With The Red Hat

Lunar New Year Parade, Argyle St., Uptown, Chicago February 9, 2019

Changing Weather

The weather on Lake Michigan was mad during the last few days. Tuesday, it was calm, then during the polar vortex on Wednesday and Thursday, it was a cauldron with swirling mist, then after, on Friday, it was in the ice age, with the surface frozen. On Saturday, the lake surface was changing by the …

It’s not over yet …

The polar vortex of 2019 that is. Yet, brave fools are already streaming into the lakefront despite or should I say, inspite of the warnings. This was just taken a few minutes before I uploaded this (about 1 pm Jan. 30) with the temperature still at -15 degrees F with who knows how much wind …

Under the Cloud Gate

In the middle of the deep freeze, people were still up and about at The Bean. Hurray!

Photographing in the Alley

This seems to be a popular site for “gritty urban” photography. I’ve seen wedding pictures taken here. It’s the alley connecting Washington and Madison, between Michigan and Wabash.

Throwback – Chinese New Year 2004

Chinese New Year will fall on February 5. It’s going to be the year of the pig and it’s going to be upon us soon. Celebrations will be on Saturday, February 9, 2019 on Argyle St. usually starting at noon in Uptown (but posted times vary right now – 10 AM in one post and …

Bear Down

Sign that appeared on the Blue Cross Blue Shields building the weekend the Chicago Bears were playing for the playoffs. It’s the theme music of the Bears who were pitted agains the Eagles two days later. It should have said Bears Down as they lost.

New Year’s Portrait

Navy Pier, January 1, 2019

Celebration of Shrinkage, 2019

Annual Chicago Polar Bear Plunge, New Year’s Day Noon, North Avenue Beach