The t-shirt that I bought in Quebec City and am wearing in the photograph says what I am all about:

“La vie est simple. Manger. Dormir. Navigeur Sur Internet.”

Only during weekends though. On weekdays, I am a high school teacher in Indiana. Weekends, aside from eating, sleeping and surfing the Internet, I go out on photowalks, mostly around Chicago.

I post most of my work on Flickr, Facebook, on my Smugmug page, on my Photoshelter page, Instagram, and on Getty Images. Yes, I am a contributor to Getty Images. I suppose I can say I have some success in taking stock photos as it is very hard to get into Getty Images. I used to be a member of the Chicago Photography Collective, a group of “veteran” Chicago photographers like Marc PoKempner, Paul Natkin, Ron Seymour, Ron Gordon and the likes, but that got disbanded after a few years of existence. We used to hold monthly exhibits at our own gallery in Block 37 – I had several one-man shows with that group (and had several on my own too). But nowadays, it’s strictly online exhibits for me.

I used to run many photography sites, Filipino-orientated sites and food sites since 1994, yes, practically during the beginning of the World Wide Web. I am considered to be one of the 10 pioneers of the Filipino Internet by Wired Magazine Philippines back in the day and one of Asia Inc.’s 50 hotties hahahaha because of my work gathering Filipinos in cyberspace, also back in the day. But my sites are on hiatus now.

I am available for assignments. My contact information is on the left (Contact Me).

Photo courtesy of Sen Can Photography. © Sen Can

The boy and his camera

This was me when I was about nine years old taken in Malinao, Aklan, the Philippines where I grew up. I was holding an Agfa box camera and decided to take a picture of me (no such thing as a selfie then) on a dresser mirror. The camera was a gift from our father who did a one-month sabbatical at the University of Minnesota and brought the camera home for me and my brothers to use.

In My Element

At the 606 Bloomingdale trail, Chicago, April 2013. Photo courtesy of Rob Martinez Photography. © Rob Martinez.